I’m Bad at Blogging (and that’s okay)

Every time I’ve spun up a blog I’ve been motivated and inspired to write more. And… every time I’ve had a small burst of energy and then run out of interesting things to write about. It’s frustrating to want to publish content but to get caught up in the practicalities of actually doing so andContinue reading “I’m Bad at Blogging (and that’s okay)”

Making a Search Engine

I made a search engine, mostly out of curiosity about what such an undertaking might entail, and also to build my skills with Go. Update: I ended up shutting down the search engine, after stumbling into altogether too many bugs with robots.txt and crawling pages that should have been ignored. This post remains as aContinue reading “Making a Search Engine”

Victor Engine Progress (December Video)

Another video of the state of Victor: This demonstrates some of the improvements I’ve made. Recent work since thisvideo has been primarily focused on building a voxel geometry demonstrationand implementing some performance improvements. nanogui support nanogui is a great little GUI framework that integrates nicely with OpenGL.It’s quite extensible, which is great as I haveContinue reading “Victor Engine Progress (December Video)”

Pedigree Ports Build System

I’ve done some work recently to put together a new build system for Pedigree’s ports, where dependencies can be a first-class citizen and various other modes of operation can be used. For example, it’s now fairly trivial to just dump the commands that would be run into a file. I hope to discuss the systemContinue reading “Pedigree Ports Build System”

Pedigree: Progress Update & Python Debugging Post-Mortem

My last post on this blog covered off the work so far on memory mapped files. There has been quite a bit of progress since then in this area: Memory mapped file cleanup works as expected. Programs can remove their memory mappings at runtime, and this will be successful – including ‘punching holes’ in mappings.Continue reading “Pedigree: Progress Update & Python Debugging Post-Mortem”

FORGE Scheduling

Update: the project FORGE in this post refers to the FORGE Operating System. Also, when discussing feedback schedulers, note that the type of feedback discussed (thread pre-emption) is not the only possible method for feedback – just the one I’ve selected for this post. Update #2: please note that this all changes when more thanContinue reading “FORGE Scheduling”