I’m Bad at Blogging (and that’s okay)

Every time I’ve spun up a blog I’ve been motivated and inspired to write more. And… every time I’ve had a small burst of energy and then run out of interesting things to write about. It’s frustrating to want to publish content but to get caught up in the practicalities of actually doing so and forever procrastinate writing another post.

That’s what this is for. It’s to admit that I’m just not very good at this. Admitting this now gives me space to not be good at this. If I miss posts for a few months, that’s okay. If I get very productive and write some interesting content and then go radio-silent, that’s okay. I can’t get better at long-form blog writing without accepting these facts, because otherwise I’ll forever be caught up in my head about it.

To help I’ve also spun up short-form writing destinations, so I can keep practicing putting thoughts into the Internet without the daunting shape of a long-form blog post.

Those are Twitter (@matt_iselin) and I also spun up a Mastodon instance in my homelab (@matt@social.goldborneroad.dev).

Short-form goes there. Long-form stays here.

Here’s to being bad at blogging and knowing that that’s perfectly fine.

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