About Me

Software Engineer. Coffee-Lover. Music-Maker.

And that’s only three ways you could describe me.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Sydney, Australia in 2016 and have lived here since. I’ve also lived in Hong Kong for a few years (2001-2003) – that’s where I first learned about this wonderful world of programming (with Python 0.9, no less!)

Having written code since 2002, I remain constantly impressed by the worlds that we can create with a handful of instructions to a computer. The pursuit of creating and shaping such worlds has led to many projects. Writing hobby operating system kernels, building 3D game engines and tech demo games, hacking on hardware (in PCB design as well as FPGA experiments)… even automating the assorted tech in my home.

There’s more to life than just code, of course. What else do I do outside of tech?

  • Audio Engineering, to such an extent that I have a side business to do music mixing and mastering for musicians worldwide.
  • Music making, although I don’t spend anywhere near enough time practicing
  • Golf, although I can’t even come close to boasting a sub-100 score yet.
  • Homebrewing – whether beer, wine, or kombucha – love it all!